Human Capital

At Prime we believe that everybody counts, we constantly work on maintaining diverse, inclusive, and vibrant work environment. We know that it all comes down to people, so we continually seek, hire, and train energetic and highly qualified individuals who demonstrate flexibility and inattentiveness and provide them with the necessary tools of success by supporting and motivating them in a healthy environment that nurtures superior performance.

Join our environment of success. We invite individuals of different backgrounds and expertise to join our team of excellence for the opportunity to excel and contribute to Prime Group.

Role Summary

A Social Media Manager is responsible for developing, implementing, and managing an organization’s social media strategy. They create engaging content, interact with followers, analyze performance metrics, and drive brand awareness and engagement across various social media platforms. The Social Media Manager plays a crucial role in enhancing the organization’s online presence and maintaining a positive brand image.

  • Key Responsibilities:
    Strategy Development: Develop and execute a comprehensive social media strategy aligned with the organization’s goals and target audience. Identify key platforms and tactics to maximize brand visibility and engagement.
  • Content Creation: Create compelling and relevant content for social media channels, including written posts, images, videos, and infographics. Ensure that the content is tailored to each platform and resonates with the target audience.
  •  Social Media Advertising: Plan and execute targeted social media advertising campaigns to increase brand reach, drive traffic, and generate leads. Monitor ad performance, optimize campaigns, and provide regular reports on key metrics.
  • Collaboration: Coordinate with internal teams, such as marketing, PR, and customer service, to align social media efforts with broader marketing campaigns and initiatives. Collaborate with external influences and partners to amplify brand messaging.
  • Social Media Expertise: In-depth knowledge and understanding of major social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) and their respective best practices. Familiarity with social media management tools and analytics platforms.
  • Content Creation: Proficient in creating engaging and visually appealing content for social media, including written posts, images, videos, and info graphics. Basic design skills and knowledge of photo/video editing tools are advantageous
  • Customer Focus: Customer-centric mindset with a strong understanding of target audience preferences and behaviours.
  • Ability to engage with followers, address inquiries, and provide excellent customer support.
  • Creativity: Ability to think creatively and generate innovative ideas for content, campaigns, and engagement strategies.

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications, or a related field is preferred.
  • Proven experience in social media management, preferably in a professional setting.
  • Experience with social media advertising and analytics tools.
  • Familiarity with SEO principles and content marketing strategies is a plus.

Job Description

· Prepare and improve information security policies.
· Analyze existing security systems and submit recommendations for changes or     improvements.
· System status reporting and informing users for downtime and changes occurs     in the system.
· Demonstrate  experience with vcenter, vMotion, HA, DRS, VDS, affinity rules,           storage migrations,P2v migrations.
· Demonstrate capabilities with vsphere storage provisioning, resource pools,           host profiles, and third-party plug-ins as well as standard and distributed                 network switches
· Ability to manage Palo Alto firewall system and granting permissions to use the      Internet in accordance with the policy set for that.
·  Ability to deal with network design and vulnerabilities
·  Design, deploy and manage LANs, WANs, VPN, APN networks, including                 routers, switches, servers, storage, firewalls, IPPBX, IP Phones, Gateways, CME,     and other hardware.
·  Good knowledge in packet inspection, traffic shaping, web security gateway,         IDS and IPS
·  Preparing a system (VPN Connection) for users while they are outside the               company, as well as users who are in the company’s branches to enable them       to work on the company’s various systems.

· Ensure that all company branches are in constant contact without any                     interruption, and address the service provider in case of malfunctions.
·  Participate in making backup copies of data and settings for network devices to     ensure their safety from loss and damage.

Job Requirements
·   Bachelor degree in, Computer Science, Information technology or any of              its equivalent
·   5+ years of experience
·   CCNP R&S
·    PCNSE
·    Experience with endpoint security solutions, IDS, NGFW, WAF
·    VCP 6.5
·    Veeam Backup and Replication.