It is the belief of Prime Holding’s Management that any corporate organization has a social role to play in the Community. Based on this belief, Prime Holding always takes the lead and positively participates in developing the community in a modern fashion aiming to empower women and help poor and needy people. Prime participated in various initiatives and projects among which are the following

World Bank and UNIFEM in collaboration with the Ministry of Investment have recently granted Prime Holding the “One Business Community, Equal Opportunity Seal” for participating and successfully implementing their “One Business Community, Equal Opportunity” initiative.
Prime Holding is one of nine other participating institutions in Egypt to have won this prestigious award.

For two years, under the guidance of the UNIFEM (the women’s fund at the United Nations); Prime Holding exerted a lot of effort in promoting and executing the framework of the “Gender Equality and Equal Opportunity” Program which aims to transform institutions to make them more accountable to gender equality and women’s rights. Prime Holding took on this venture by fully supporting and implementing all aspects of this program, thus being a leading participant to provide a solid foundation for this program in Egypt.

This project initiated by the UNIFEM has been sponsored by the World Bank in conjunction with the Ministry of Investment, the Ministry of Manpower and Immigration, GAFI and the National Council of Women. While the UNIFEM provided financial and technical assistance for this initiative in addition to being its organizer and executer, all other bodies have contributed to fulfilling their roles towards fostering women’s empowerment. The initiative endeavors to achieve awareness about eliminating violence and discrimination against women, promoting gender equality in the workplace and supporting a harassment free working environment. These factors are essential to achieving development and to building healthy and just societies.

Participating in the UNIFEM program has benefited Prime Holding positively at different levels; whereby there has been an increase in the level of awareness among employees related to the issue of gender equality and increased opportunities leading to higher productivity in the work place. Applying the policies of the program at the institutional level has also had a constructive impact on women’s economic advancement by providing decent jobs for women and ending violence against them as well as providing them with professional development, training and involving them in decision making processes.

Prime Holding is a permanent sponsor of the Breast Cancer Awareness Movement. In cooperation with the Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Movement and various partners, various unforgettable events were launched in honor of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
The U.S. nonprofit organization Susan G. Komen for the Cure® , which pioneered the use of public footraces to break the taboo of discussing breast cancer and has become the world’s largest breast cancer advocacy organization and source of private funding for breast cancer research and care.