Hassan Samir

Hassan Samir Farid - Vice Chairman, Managing Director, and Group CEO

Updated Tuesday Jan 10, 2023

Mr. Hassan Samir Farid is one of the oldest executives in the field of the Egyptian capital market, as he has 27 years of experience in the fields of brokerage, asset management, acquisitions management, corporate finance, custodian management, international trading, and OTC deals  Which makes him an expert in various financial market activities, after dealing with all types of clients, whether individuals, companies, and investment funds in Egypt, all Gulf countries, and most countries of the world.

Hassan Samir held many positions, where he held the position of Managing Director of the Capital Markets Sector at Prime Holding Company from 2020 until the end of 2022, Managing Director of Prime Securities Company from September 2012 to January 2020 while he was an independent board member in Prime Capital 2014-2022 Also, the same position in Prime Securities from 2020 until the end of 2022.

Samir joined Prime Securities in 1998 after starting his career in the Strategic securities Group for brokerage in 1995 and held several positions, including Director of the Trading and Sales Department as well as Deputy Managing Director, in the period from 1998 to mid-2007, after which he moved to acquire with a consortium of high net worth the Global Capital Brokerage Company, where he was a major shareholder and the managing director of the company from 2007 until mid-2012.

Hassan Samir holds a BA in Economics and Political Science from Cairo University in 1995. He also obtained several diplomas, training courses, and certificates in fundamental and technical analysis, finance, and investment from the Institute of Banking and Finance at the American University in Cairo as well as from the London School of Economics.