Waleed Amer

Waleed Amer

Updated Sunday Nov 4, 2020

Independent Board Member

Waleed Amer has 30 years of banking and financial market experience. He started his professional career in 1982 at Arab African International Bank-Head Office, whereby he gained experience in different aspects of banking operations (3 years), developed his career path to treasury and dealing room activities (12 years) including Money Markets, Debt Market, Foreign Exchange, future contracts and different Options Products.

In 1997, he joined HSBC Securities Egypt during its foundation era as the first brokerage house in Egypt operating under the umbrella of a multinational financial name. During his 10 years term with HSBC, he was assigned to different positions including Head of Equity Trading, Head of Sales, Head of Front Office (Sales/Brokers), Assistant Managing Director for business, Acting Managing Director and finally a Board Member and Managing Director of Company for almost 5 years, whereby he led his team to place the company as the preferred brokerage house in Egypt for local and foreign institutional clients and the main sales window to the Egyptian GDR’s market making desk in London.

Amer is currently a member in the board of directors of Prime Holding