Omar Abdulaziz Al-Sisi

Omar El-Sisi - Representative of Prima Vera Company - Non-Executive

Updated Monday May 08, 2023

After graduating from the Faculty of Economics at the American University in Cairo, he joined the family of the Arab African International Bank at the beginning of 1979, when he joined the International Finance Department of the bank. 

He was included functionally within the institution and participated in the management of branches and affiliated banks outside the Arab Republic of Egypt, including the Arab Bank of Bahrain as an assistant general manager, Tunis Arab Bank as a general manager, and the bank’s branches in London and Beirut as a general manager. 

He also joined the American Express Bank in London as a manager covering the Arabian Gulf region. 

He also joined Burgan Bank as Head of the International Banking Group in Kuwait, then returned to Egypt as Managing Director of the Arab Investment Bank, then CEO and Managing Director of the Egyptian Gulf Bank. 

He now chairs the board of directors of the Cairo National Company for Financial Investments. He also heads the board of directors of the Molini Investment Holding Company, in addition to his membership in many boards of directors, including the Egyptian Al-Shabih Company, the Ismailia Food Industries Company, the Qastly Real Estate Finance Company, and the Prime Holding Company.