Hussam Barakat

Hussam Barakat

Updated Sunday Nov 4, 2020

Board Member representing KASH Asset Management – Member of Audit Committee

Hussam Barakat is a businessman with more than 17 years experience in the fields of finance, investments and insurance. He has gained wide knowledge by attending various in depth courses in credit, financial analysis and investments in derivatives.

He began his career as an assistant manager of the Banque Saudi Fransi in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Later he took up other diversified posts and gained additional experience in the insurance sector where he took up the position of managing director at the Gulf Bay Insurance Company in Bahrain then Lebanon. His knowledge and expertise has been extensively utilized when he became an investments advisor to the Arab Reinsurance Company in 2005. Barakat is also the current managing director of Kash Asset Management whose headquarter is in the British Virgin Islands.

He joined the board at Prime in 2008 and he is also the head of the Audit Committee.

Barakat has a BA with an honors degree from King AbdulAziz University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.